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"To meet immediate training needs, LearnPerfect created LearnPro ™: fully packaged solutions, available on Line, including a set of associated services and benefits."



  • Packaged offers : Training plans of 6 H
  • All inclusive pricing
  • A dedicated trainer for your needs
  • Work on your documents during your training
  • No minimum order - No obligation
  • A Premium option for your demanding collaborators


Services LearnPro™ LearnPro™ Premium
Initial evaluation quiz : needs and training goals    
Individual training course management    
Administrative follow up: convention, PIF,attestation    
Provision of a Trainee Extranet    
Access to Introduction and advanced level courses    
3 sessions of 2 hours in visio training    
Training materials available    
Exercise books available    
Unlimited pedagogical Hotline for 1 month    
Needs assessment by phone    
Booking possible within 24 H of the course if needed urgently    
Extended training hours (from 6am to 8pm + personalised schedules possible)    
Possibility to postpone a course until 6 H before training    
Access to advanced level courses    
Assessment quiz to evaluate skills acquired (post training)    
Unlimited Pedagogical Hotline for 6 months    
Video recording of the session possible (optional)    



Software available



Office automation
Windows Access
Word Excel VBA
Excel(excluding Macro) Sharepoint
PowerPoint Photoshop
Outlook Illustrator
Open Office Indesign
OneNote Dreamweaver
  Ms Project