The LearnPerfect Eco-System

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"Depending on the type of projects given to LearnPerfect, our teams can be brought to work together with specialised companies at the frontiers of our business."



LearnPerfect groups together multiple specialised partners in the following fields

  • E-Learning content editors (teaching software, multimedia support,…),
  • LMS, LCMS platform editors and web conferencing tool
  • SIT service providers & training companies
  • Consultants – business experts

So much expertise added to the LearnPerfect ecosystem to benefit clients' projects.

LearnPerfect Preferred Partner

LearnPerfect launches its own regional network of partners under the name of: LearnPerfect Preferred Partner.

Relying on qualified and valuable partners firmly established in their regions and/or in a specific sector of activity is important for LearnPerfect which also gives the opportunity to these operators to integrate and distribute all or part of the LearnPerfect offer.

You wish to upgrade your service offer or training by distributing LearnPerfect offer to your clients or on your market, do not hesitate to contact us.